First Notes

Posted by Joe on 8th April 2014 in debugging

This blog will be the notes of a long-time Java developer moving to Android development.  The notes will certainly help me and they may help you too.

The first thing I’ve struggled with is getting the emulator to work.  This is actually my 3rd of 4th time trying to pick up android.  (I keep putting it on the shelf due to other projects/commitments.)  Anyway, I’ve had the emulator work for me in the past but it is very slow to start and still pretty slow when running a test app.  The startup is so slow that sometimes it times out when trying to initially load your app.

So, don’t use it.  Connect your android device using USB.  When first connected it should install some drivers.  If not, download and install the drivers from the device manufacturer’s website.

Then find adb on your machine (in the adt bundle) and run:

adb kill-server


adb devices

You should then see your device listed.

Then when running the app from your IDE, it will list your device as a platform to use.  Your app will then appear on the device 10-30 seconds later.